A downloadable game for macOS

A maze without walls, but pick the wrong path and you will be in danger!

Each scene is generated as you play, it has never been seen before and will never be seen again.

Find your way through a foreboding forest while managing your stats and remembering where you've been.  Collect navigation items along the way to help.  Enjoy the scenery, but don't get lost!



A simple little game I made in pygame, exploring a theme for a physical table top game I am working on.  This game focused on ambiance and vibe.  For example, as your courage diminishes the iris of what you can see gets smaller and smaller, and as your vigor drops, so does your movements speed.  The subtle zoom effect makes the 2D backgrounds more immersive.

This game was made in Repl.it with all AI generated workflows, from the code itself to the images to the texts on screen.  The scenes are made on demand from a generative AI pipeline to allow for infinite content.


How to play

The game plays best via the executable or source code, but you can also play it online at https://replit.com/@jschomay/Lost.

Use the arrow keys to move from scene to scene and try to find your home.


lost.zip osx (arm) 18 MB
Lost-main.zip python source 17 MB

Install instructions

If you are downloading the source, follow the instructions on the README.md.  If you are downloading the executable, unzip it and it should just work, though it can take a few seconds to open up.

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