Kind of like hangman, but not really.  Letters only get revealed if they form the beginning of a word.  Each solved word gives clues for how other words start.  Fill in the gaps to reveal the hidden message.  It's hard, but once you get the hang of it, it's totally addicting!  This version pulls dad jokes from for a [nearly] infinite supply of groan-worthy humor.

I had the idea for this game after thinking about how players discover secret key combos to do special moves, like in old-school fighting games. I realized that algorithm could be the basis of a word-puzzle game.

The original version used quotes that I curated, but I recently rebooted this game to pull dad jokes from, partly because of my love of dad jokes, but mostly so that I could enjoy playing the game myself, since I knew all of the previous answers.  As a fun bonus, the set-up + punchline dynamic can help you figure out some of the blank words.

Music by Jamison Rivera 
Owl character by Sherony Lock
Sound effects by ddohler, Horn, NHumphrey, and lonemonk

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